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cats and their well-being are our passion and it is part of who we are.


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Adoption Notes

Adopting VS BUying

While breeders’ goal is to make money, animal shelters’ goal is to save lives and prevent suffering. Shelters take in unwanted, stray, or abandoned animals and provide them with veterinary care, food, water, and shelter and find them loving homes. 

Are shelter cats safe?

Often cats can end up with us when their humans move, lose a job, or have to focus on non-pet-related stressors—and that’s not a reflection on the cats who now need a new home.




Getting Involved


If you are in the market for the purrfect companion you have come to the right place. Many of our cats are still looking for their forever home. Take a look at some of the feisty felines that are up for adoption.

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The Hope Foundation for Cats takes care of over 100 cats. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, vet bills to pay and kitty litter to buy! View the list of essentials needed to look after our felines on a day to day basis. 

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All of our cats are available to be sponsored, some of which are cats with special needs. These cats need regular trips to the vet and special care. By sponsoring one or more of these cats, it ensures that we can continue to give them the care that they deserve!


We are looking for people with some free time, who love cats, to volunteer at our rescue centre situated in Melkbosstrand.  if you think you can help with grooming, cleaning of shelters,fundraising or just giving all your love to our special guests, please get in touch with us.

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